Luther Family Ford's Salute to Law Enforcement

We want to extend our deepest thanks to all of those who positively affect our community! Luther Family Ford acknowledges the risks our Law Enforcement takes every day to make Fargo, ND and the surrounding areas a better and safer place to call home. Stop by our store or listen live to the Salute to Law Enforcement on WZFG The Flag on AM station 1100.

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  • Sheriff Paul Laney

    Sheriff Paul D. Laney is a North Dakota native and was raised in rural Cass County near Horace, ND. He attended school in West Fargo, ND and graduated from West Fargo High School in 1984. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1984. While in the Marine Corps he served in a Communications Detachment with MSSG-13 of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Sheriff Laney was honorably discharged in October of 1988. He returned to the Fargo area in 1989 and was hired by the Fargo Police Department in August of 1989. Sheriff Laney served in many capacities with the Fargo Police Department. He served as a patrol officer, gang/narcotics investigator, field training officer and tactical team member. When Sheriff Laney retired from the Fargo Police Department in December of 2006, he was a lieutenant and commander of the Red River Valley SWAT Team. Sheriff Laney was elected to a four year term of office in November of 2006 and was sworn in as the Cass County Sheriff on January 2, 2007. He was re-elected to a second term as Cass County Sheriff and was sworn in on January 3, 2011. Sheriff Laney assumed duties for his third term as Cass County Sheriff on January 1, 2015. Sheriff Laney is currently on the Board of Directors for the Dakota Territory Sheriff's Association and has served on the Board of Directors of the North Dakota Sheriff's and Deputies Association. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the North Dakota Association of Counties (NDACo) and the Board of Trustees for the United Way of Cass Clay. Sheriff Laney also serves the Board of Directors for the National Sheriff's Association and serves on three national committees, the Drug Enforcement Committee, the Awards Committee and the Homeland Security Committee for the National Sheriff's Association. Sheriff Laney hosted a weekly radio show called Law Talk with Sheriff Laney on KFGO Radio from 2010-2012. Sheriff Laney was named the E911 Institutes "Government Leader of the Year" for 2011 and was the National Sheriff's Association's 2012 Ferris E. Lucas "National Sheriff of the Year." On August 13, 2015 during the North Dakota Peace Officers Association Annual Conference, Sheriff Laney was presented the Lone Eagle Award in recognition of his, "Outstanding and Dedicated Law Enforcement in the State of North Dakota." On June 26, 2017 during the National Sheriff's Association Conference, Sheriff Laney was awarded the 2017 National Sheriff's Association President's Award in recognition of his, "Outstanding Leadership, Accomplishments, and Distinguished Service to the National Sheriffs' Association, and to Promote Greater Cooperation Between Public Safety Agencies at all Levels of Government." Sheriff Laney has two daughters and lives in West Fargo with = his wife Patty.

  • Trooper Gabe Irvis

    Trooper Irvis has been employed with the North Dakota Highway Patrol for six years. He is also a former member of the ND Army National Guard. Gabe is a valued member of our team and provides a wealth of skills and knowledge to each encounter he has with the public. He has been an active member in our agency having been a Standardized Field Sobriety Testing instructor (SFST), a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and a member of the NDHP Honor Guard. Trooper Irvis helps facilitates cooperation among local law enforcement agencies. His SFST and DRE skills has exposed him to many officers from other agencies while providing training or evaluations of DUI offenders. In addition, he works cooperatively with them on a regular basis when routine and emergency situations arise. Trooper Irvis excels at protecting our communities through proactive patrol work. Gabe is adept at locating impaired drivers and removing them from our roadways, being a leader in this type of enforcement in the Fargo area. Another area he excels at is locating and stopping the criminal element transporting large loads of illegal narcotics in and through Cass County, with recent large methamphetamine seizures having taken place. Gabe is also active in locating and preventing crash causation factor violations, making our highways safer. Trooper Irvis is dedicated to public service which is shown in his work effort and commitment to the NDHP and citizens of North Dakota.

  • Deputy Christopher Potter

    Cass County Deputy Chris Potter is a 25-year law enforcement veteran, having served in campus policing for the past 12 years at Fargo South High School, North Dakota State University, and Maple Valley Public Schools. The recipient of the Region 8 National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) 2010 Exceptional Service Award, Chris was named the Fargo Police Officer of the Year in 2010 and earned NASRO National Practitioner Certification in 2012. He is co-founder and president of the North Dakota Association of School Resource Officers ( and coordinates the annual N.D. School Safety Conference. Chris was recently named the Cass County Deputy of the Year for 2017, and is part of the Cass County Sheriff's Office School Resource Deputy team, recognized by NASRO as a National Model SRO Program. He serves as an advisor on the Cass-Clay Unified School Response Workgroup and is currently pursuing his master's degree at Minnesota State University Moorhead in school counseling. Chris enjoys motorcycling, camping, and fishing when off-duty, and serves as a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coach for the North Dakota Motorcycle Safety Program.

  • Officer Scott Normandin

    Officer Normandin serves as a Downtown Resource Officer on the evening shift, and he also serves in several other roles within the department. As a DRO, Officer Normandin works with downtown businesses and stakeholders to improve safety and act as a liaison between them and the Fargo Police Department. He also is an informal leader for the other downtown officers, as he frequently shares information or provides direction to the team. In addition to his role as a DRO, Officer Normandin serves as a Police Training Officer. He assists in the administration of the PTO program, and he instructs other PTOs. Another key role for Officer Normandin has been as a member of the department's Peer Assistance Counseling Team (PACT). As a member of PACT, Officer Normandin has been actively involved in police suicide prevention, helping to improve police mental health, and providing counseling for many of his peers. His PACT contribution was instrumental in the aftermath of the Officer Moszer shooting. Officer Normandin exemplifies the department's quality service standards every day, and he is an excellent role model for other officers.

  • Rocky Dahl

    She grew up in Moorhead and graduated from the Moorhead Senior High School. She has 1 daughter and 3 grandchildren, ages 3 months to 16 years old who are temporarily living with her in Dilworth, Minnesota. Prior to 1972, she worked at O'Meara's Finest clothing store in the mall located on Center Avenue for 2 years as the stockroom manager. There were 6 other stores affiliated that the merchandise from this location was distributed to. In 1972, Rocky began her long career with the Moorhead Police Department. She hadn't imaged that she would stay for 45 years and 9 months! She worked for 5 different police chiefs in 3 separate buildings. One of those police chief's was her father John L. Sullivan and she adds that she couldn't be prouder! She continued to work within the Records Department greeting community members on a daily basis and also saw a lot of technology change over time. Rocky started with a manual typewriter and got her first electric typewriter in 1974. It wasn't until 1983 when she had to become familiar with computers and the technology expectations have continued to grow.

  • Detective Ryan Wuollet

    Hired by West Fargo PD in May of 2012 Grew up in Lake Park, MN. Graduated LPA High School Attended M-State, obtained AASPN worked for Sanford for 5 years as Inpatient LPN Cardiac Unit Attended Rasmussen College, obtained Law Enforcement Certificate, Skills at Hibbing Community College Started patrol, FTO after 2 years, Negotiations Unit in 2016, Investigations starting 2017 Married with 4 children, ages 11, 8, 4 and 2

  • Trooper Matt Brown

    Trooper Brown is a nearly 25 year veteran of the North Dakota Highway Patrol and is currently the Coordinator of the NDHP Crash Reconstruction Team (CRT). Matt is an active crash reconstructionist on this team and coordinates the training and efforts of team members. Matt has been instrumental in the continued and improved success of the NDHP CRT. Through his research, dedication, instruction and vision, the CRT program has grown and assists NDHP troopers and local agencies across North Dakota with complicated crash investigations. The CRT is able to respond to and successfully investigate the most complex crashes involving passenger and commercial motor vehicles. Matt is a subject matter expert in crash reconstruction and teaches multiple types of crash investigation courses. Trooper Brown is also active in his community, helping lead a Thanksgiving meal celebration and being involved in the Cops N Kids program.

  • Lt. Katie Fuller

    Meet Lt. Katie Fuller:

    Lieutenant Katie Fuller has service with the Cass County Sheriff's Office since 2007. Fuller served as a part time Juvenile Detention officer in the Juvenile Detention Division from 2007 to 2009. Fuller then served as a fulltime Correctional Officer in the Corrections Division in 2009. In 2012, Fuller was promoted to Corporal and 2013 promoted to Sergeant in the Corrections Division. In 2015, Fuller was transferred to the Court Transport Division as a Sergeant. Then in 2016, she was promoted to Lieutenant and currently serves in the Corrections Division as the Jail Operations Lieutenant.

  • Detective Troy Hanson

    Detective Troy Hanson started his career with the Fargo Police Department in October of 2012. Troy is originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota and graduated from UND with a degree in Criminal Justice. Prior to working for the Fargo Police Department he was a Deputy Sheri_ in Morton County and also previously worked at the Red River Regional Dispatch Center. Troy quickly became a popular officer with his peers and the citizens he served. Troy worked hard in his assigned area of Fargo to make it a better place for the people that lived in those areas. He was known for being tough on those that committed crime, but even more important he was known for reaching out to the kids in those areas. Between calls for service it was not uncommon to find him building community trust with the youth of those neighborhoods by playing basketball with them. He could be found at Dike East or the Community Homes basketball courts competing while in full uniform. In January of this year he was selected to move into our investigations division as a property detective. He quickly saw success in his case work because of the hard work he puts in and he never leaves a stone unturned. He has also maintained some of the community ties he built as a patrol officer to assist in his role as a detective. Within the past few months Troy has now transitioned from primarily investigating property crimes to investigating personal crimes. If you are a victim of a crime you want Troy investigating your case; if you are a suspect you may want to count your days before you see a Judge in court. In 2017 Det. Hanson was assigned 114 cases and currently has a 65% clearance rate, the North Dakota average for property crime is around 30% according to FBI statistics.

  • Officer Brian Dahl

    Brian Dahl is Moorhead's longest tenured officer assigned to the Patrol Division with 23 years of service. Brian currently is assigned as the School Resource Officer in the Moorhead High School, and has always remained highly active with youth programs positively representing himself and the Moorhead Police Department. In 1999 Brian became a Youth Intervention Officer that later transformed into a School Resource Officer as we know it today. Most recently he additionally is appreciated for all the help and guidance that he has been providing to the two newest members of our School Resource team.

    Here are some of the activities that Brian has been involved in over the many years.

    • Coordinated the Summer Youth Program for two hundred 8-12 year olds.

    • Presented at countless Drivers Ed classes for students and parents and teaches "Point of Impact" that focuses on new driver's safety/education/parent responsibilities.

    • Taught DARE to hundreds of students in Moorhead schools

    • Teaches safety lessons and educational classes to students K-4 grades

    • Served on the Youth Intervention Programs Association board for many years advocating for youth programs.

    • Active with traffic enforcement programs targeting increasing public safety for all drivers.

    • Provided mentoring and educational components to high school age students

    • Organized several community/business outreach events for the Prescription Drug Take Back Program.

    • Been a huge positive influence with countless kids as he often attends extra-curricular school sports events.

    • Volunteers with the Clay County Jail Ministry Program.

  • Officer Michael Pietron

    Originally from Larimore, ND, Pietron graduated from Larimore High School in 2011. He graduated from North Dakota State University in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. After going to the police academy through Lake Region State College in North Fargo, Pietron became a West Fargo Patrol Officer in April 2015. In addition to his patrol duties, he is an advisor for the West Fargo Youth Explorers Program. When not working he enjoys drumming, exercising, volunteering at his church, going on runs with his dog, and swimming. He is married and has one daughter. Officer Michael Pietron shows up for work every day with a positive attitude and willing to work. Officer Pietron's enforcement numbers are consistently high. He ranks at or near the top in every category for the department. Officer Pietron enjoys serving this community and takes pride in the job that he does. Several times Officer Pietron has been "caught" getting out of his vehicle and playing ball with area youth. He sees and understands the value in a strong community / police relationship. Officer Pietron also gives back to this community by serving as an assistant Police Explorer advisor, where he sets a positive example and mentors youth that have an interest in going into law enforcement.

  • Trooper Kristjan Helgoe
    HNHP K9

    Trooper Helgoe is an 11 year veteran of the NDHP and has been a K9 trooper for approximately 3 of those years. Tr. Helgoe is a dedicated and professional officer, committed to making our communities safe. Together, with his partner Fia, he identifies and removes drug pushers from our communities and the criminal element from our highways. He and Fia regularly assist our local law enforcement agencies by helping them search for narcotics in various locations. Kristjan is also committed in removing impaired drivers from our roadways and is in the top percent of NDHP Troopers in DUI arrests each year. Tr. Helgoe not only enforces the law, he also educates our citizens about the law through various community safety talks. Tr. Helgoe conducts safety talks to local Boy & Cub Scout groups, to other groups that seek his expertise, he participates in the annual Cops N Kids Christmas program in several communities, and he takes every chance he can get to interact with the public at local PD picnics or events with his K9 partner Fia. Kristjan is active within the NDHP as well. In addition to his K9 Trooper duties, Kristjan is a member of the NDHP Emergency Response Team and is a less lethal weapon instructor. Tr. Helgoe is committed to the safety of our citizens and communities. He displays this commitment through his enforcement activities, his educational programs in the community and his volunteer activities within the NDHP.

  • Sgt. Junell Krabbenhoft

    Junell has been with the Fargo Police Department for over 10 years, and has served as an Officer, Detective, Patrol Sergeant, and currently as a Sergeant within investigations. Sgt. Krabbenhoft oversees our Crimes against Children and Sex Offender detectives. Her Sergeant position was newly created this past January because of the overwhelming amount of work in these areas. Since taking on this role Sgt. Krabbenhoft has overseen the successful operation of an underage sex sting. In this sting men who were attempting to engage in sexual relations with what they thought were underage females were arrested. Sgt. Krabbenhoft also organized an outreach operation making contact with females advertising on sex websites, this is done to offer services and provide help if they are victims of human trafficking. Sgt. Krabbenhoft has also been instrumental in building stronger relationships with our partners as we continue to help children that have been victims of physical, sexual, and mental abuse.

  • Detective Shawn Krebsbach

    Detective Shawn Krebsbach was hired by the Moorhead Police Department in January of 2008. While assigned to the Patrol Division, Detective Krebsbach became a Field Training Officer where he helped conduct background investigations on potential new employees and train newly hired officers on the street. He also became a department instructor in several other specialized areas including; Bike Patrol, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Use of Force, and Taser. While assigned to the Patrol Division, he became interested with investigations and worked towards this career path. In September 2015, his hard work paid off when he was selected as a General Investigator and reassigned to the Investigative Division. He is responsible for investigating felony level personal and property related crimes such as; theft, burglary, robbery, assault, human trafficking, financial crimes, and death investigations. Shawn has received several letters of commendation throughout his career for his investigative skills and teamwork. He was most recently presented with the National Crime Victims' Rights Week Honorable Mention Award from the US Attorney's Office-District of North Dakota for providing strength, resilience and justice to victims. Detective Krebsbach also currently serves on the Southeast Human Trafficking Community Coalition.

  • Officer Travis Macleod

    Officer Macleod grew up in Moorhead, MN where he graduated from Moorhead High School in 2003. After High School he attended Moorhead State University, where he played football for a year. He then attended Alexandria Technical College for 2 years, where he graduated from their skills course and with his A.S. in Law Enforcement. He went on to graduate from Ashford University and graduated with his Bachelor's Degree. Prior to being hired by West Fargo as a patrol officer, in June 2016, he worked various law enforcement jobs for 11 years to include: a patrol officer for the cities of Rolla and Pelican Rapids, a deputy for Rolette and Wright counties, and Highway Patrol for Wyoming. In addition, he served on various SWAT Teams. When not working he enjoys lifting weights, running, hunting and fishing. He is married with 2 children.

  • Detective Joe Gress

    Detective Joe Gress was born and raised in North Fargo. In 1998, Detective Gress graduated from North High School and later attended NDSU, where he earned a Bachelor of Science undergrad and a Master of Science graduate degree. In the summer of 2004, Detective Gress attended and graduated from the Lake Region State College Police Officer Training Program. In September of 2004, Detective Gress began working as an investigator with the Valley City/Barnes County Drug Task Force. In 2006, Detective Gress began his career with the Cass County Sheriff's Office. Detective Gress has worked in many different roles as a deputy to include a correctional officer, patrol deputy and most recently an investigator. In 2016 Detective Gress was selected as the Deputy of the Year.

  • Sgt. Matthew Anderson

    Sergeant Matthew Anderson, currently in his 14 th year of general service and 8 th year as a Patrol Sergeant with the Wahpeton Police Department, is a native of Braham, MN. Sergeant Anderson graduated from Minnesota State University- Moorhead and the University of North Dakota Lake Region Law Enforcement Academy before beginning his law enforcement career with the Hillsboro Police Department. Since joining the Wahpeton Police Department, Sergeant Anderson has received considerable specialized training and is a certified Police Instructor, is Commander of the multi-agency Southern Valley Special Response Team (SRT) and manages the department's DUI, Occupant Protection and Underage Drinking Enhanced Enforcement e_ orts and other grant activities. In addition, Matthew volunteers with the Watch Dogs (Dads of Great Students) mentoring program at Wahpeton Elementary School and serves on the Property Board of Bethel Lutheran Church. Sergeant Anderson is being recognized for the strong work ethic that he has consistently displayed since day one with the Wahpeton Police Department and for his exceptional job performance over the course of the past year, during which he stepped up to meet a variety of professional challenges with unwavering competence. During the last year, Matthew was greatly involved in the choosing of a new location for the police department, was largely responsible for determining the remodel and furnishing requirements for the new facility and then organized and supervised the actual move into the new facility. During this same time, Matthew took on additional supervisory responsibilities while I, Chief Thorsteinson, was presented with a series of health challenges that restricted my own ability to run the department's daily operation. Matthew met all of these challenges in an exemplary fashion and did so without complaint, traits which seem to be less common with very passing day. Chief Scott Thorsteinson

  • Trooper Jed Dahnke
    K9 Partner Casey

    Trooper Dahnke is an 9 year veteran of the NDHP. He has been a K9 trooper for approximately 6 of those years, currently partnered with K9 Casey, a Belgian Malinois. Tr. Dahnke is a professional and dedicated officer, committed to making our communities safe. Together, with his partner Casey, he made over 220 criminal arrests in 2016, removing impaired drivers and the criminal element from our highways. Tr. Dahnke not only enforces the law, he also educates our citizens about the law through various community safety talks. Tr. Dahnke conducts safety talks to local Boy & Cub Scout groups, other groups that seek his expertise, is an active Alive at 25 instructor, participates in the annual Cops N Kids Christmas program, and is a youth coach for his children's sports teams. He also teaches other law enforcement officers as a certified standardized field sobriety testing instructor. Tr. Dahnke is very active within the NDHP with assignments that include being a K9 trooper, being the assistant K9 coordinator for the NDHP, he is a drug recognition expert and serves on department committees. In 2016, Tr. Dahnke was named the NDDOT Traffic Safety Officer of the Year for his education and enforcement efforts throughout the year.

  • Officer Caleb Korb

    Officer Caleb Korb was raised in a small town in southern Minnesota. In 2013, he completed his Bachelors of Science degree in Law Enforcement, and in July of 2013, was hired by the Fargo Police Department as a Patrol Officer assigned to the Field Services Division. In 2016, he completed the ND Drug Recognition Expert program, he attended training for roadside criminal interdiction, and he was selected as a Police Training Officer for the department. Officer Korb was also selected as the 2016 Fargo Police Officer of the Year for his professionalism and accomplishments. Throughout his career with the Fargo Police Department, he has found a passion in criminal interdiction through traffic enforcement. The training and mentor ship embraced through the professionalism of the Fargo Police Department has enabled him develop these skills resulting in a safer community for the citizens of Fargo through the service of all of the exceptional employees of the Fargo Police. Officer Korb truly enjoys the opportunity to wear the badge and uniform of the Fargo Police Department, and he is proud to be a part of the many great men and women who daily serve this wonderful and supportive Fargo- Moorhead community. 
    In 2015, he married a wonderful woman, who has been supportive and the best friend he could have ever asked for. In his time away from work, he enjoys fi shing, especially when the weather is nice. He also enjoys kayaking with his wife.

  • Officer John Lien

    Meet Officer John Lien:

    Officer John Lien has worked for the Moorhead Police Department for over 17 years. While working in the patrol division, Officer Lien has additionally been successful in several special assignments. Officer Lien was a Canine Handler for 10 years with two different canine partners, "Milo" and "Hickok". Officer Lien previously served for 5 years as a Field Training Officer for new police officers. Recently due to a high number of new recruits, he has volunteered to assist with training and sharing his experience with these newest members of the department. Another significant contribution that Officer Lien is primarily responsible for is the newly created Moorhead Police Chaplain Program. Recognizing the need and benefits of having additional support for our officers, their families, and citizens, John began coordinating this program over 2 years ago. The Police Chaplain
    Program became active in October 2016 with 5 police chaplains that have made themselves available to serve in the many capacities that they have the potential to experience through the police department. We are grateful for their willingness to serve our community in this way and for Officer Lien's dedication to improving the service provided through the Moorhead Police Department.

  • Officer Gary Bommersbach

    Gary started with the West Fargo Police Department in 1984 as a patrol officer. Officer Bommersbach has had many positions in the West Fargo Police Department to include Investigations, Field Training Officer, and Patrol Sergeant. Officer Bommersbach's current assignment is Truck Regulatory Officer, where he is continuing his long and successful career.



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